Planning to go on the road

Picture by Kevin Jones

Me and my mom have always wanted to go on a long trip. One day we were staying in the house all day and I was wondering what she was doing on the computer. I asked her and she told me that she was looking at a blog and reading about a family who was on the road. She told me that she also  wanted to go on the road. At first I wasn’t too keen on the idea, but after a while I started thinking that would be pretty cool! My mom told me that if we really do go on a road trip we would probably go next year.

I am so excited! I would want to go to Italy.  I know a women from Italy and she has a very strong accent and she loves avocados!  And I mean she really loves them. She has them for breakfast, brunch, snack, lunch and dinner. She is one of the best people I know! She is funny and she laughs a lot and I’m in a good mood when I’m around her.  I love her so much!

If we do go on a road trip I would also want to go to India and ride an elephant and wear a sari. I know a girl named Reshma Zadda and she is about the same age as me. She was born in India but now she lives in Chicago.  She LOVES icecream- she just loves it!

 The only thing that I would not like about a long trip would be riding in a car. See, I get car sickness and it doesn’t feel good. I also feel sick on planes.  I actually don’t have many good travel options because I get sick in cars, planes, trains and buses. Maybe I wouldn’t get sick on an elephant.  I can’t wait for the Road Trip!  I really hope we do it!  Mom says we’re going to have to do some fund raising and work really hard so that it can happen.